WP Theme Wizard – WordPress Website Builder

A while back, I set out to find a WordPress website builder or multi purpose theme I could use to design and build a website I was working on.  A quick Google search revealed I had a LOT of research to do!  There are a LOT of WP theme builders on the market – how was I supposed to narrow it down to one?

For starters, I should give a little more background.  I am a web designer, and I had a client who wanted to be able to tweak just about everything whenever they felt like it.  They are a “tinkerer” so-to-speak.  The problem was, they didn’t know anything about HTML or CSS and had no experience with WordPress either.

Ok, so I needed an amazingly easy to use theme builder – no problem.

Wait… there’s a problem.  The client needed the site set up in a very particular way to start with – and it was not your typical WP setup by any means.  So, I needed a theme framework that had a lot of power, but was still very easy to use, even if you can’t code.

Now it was getting very complicated.

I searched high and low, and tried out many of the top options available, and found the simplicity the client demanded, with all of the power I needed to set the site up the way they wanted it.  Just never together in one system.  I found powerful theme builders… but they were far too complicated for the client.  On the other hand, I found ones that were really easy to use… but they also didn’t offer anywhere near the customization and flexibility I needed to put this site together.

The time and cost to put something like that together for just one client simply couldn’t work financially.  But I kept looking.  And eventually… I found the answer!  I came across a website – WP Theme Wizard – WordPress Website Builder, however their product isn’t released just yet.  From what I read on the site, it sounded like it was just what I needed, so I contacted the owner, explained my situation and asked about the status of the project.  He explained that the main idea behind Theme Wizard, is ease of use and power mixed into one.  He thought my project would be a great test of the system and offered to let me use it as a beta test, and I agreed.

Installation was very easy – it installed pretty much like a standard WordPress theme.  It also has some plugins bundled with it, like a really cool premium slider, but it takes care of everything for you.

First Impressions:
Out of the box, I was blown away!  There is a menu item in the WP admin panel that contains all of the theme settings – and there are HUNDREDS OF THEM!  But, (and I think this is one of the best parts) – there doesn’t have to be.  With WP Theme Wizard, there is always several ways of doing something, offering varying degrees of difficulty and also power.

For example – the most extreme situations:

  • Easiest Setup
    It has a bunch of really nice color schemes, layout styles and header styles bundled with it.  You can simply pick a color scheme, layout and header style, and have a custom theme ready to go.
    Difficulty Level: Beginner  |  Estimated Time: 5 minutes
  • Most Custom Setup
    It has options for literally everything.  Control every font, color, background, margin, etc. for a completely custom look.
    Difficulty Level: Expert  Estimated Time: varied

Best of all, you don’t have to have every option visible – for example, while editing the style options for all the content and text stuff, there are places to modify the font, color, font weight, line height, etc. for everything.  There are options to “close” sections – so if you don’t need to edit the headings, you can “close” them, simplifying the screen for you.

The headings are also a great example of how there are multiple ways to do stuff:

  • You can customize each setting for each heading type one by one.
  • You can set global values that cover all of the headings.
  • You can choose a bundled typography set.
  • You can use bundled styles and use their default style.
  • You can use the main default styles.

That’s 5 different ways to set up the look of the headings.  I know, it sounds confusing, but it’s all done to make everything simpler and quicker to work with – and it really works.

I was able to set up that clients website far faster than I could have starting from scratch (which the client would NOT have been able to tinker with!)   The client loves the site, and changes things around all the time, and hasn’t needed any assistance along the way, because Theme Wizard is so easy to use.

I was originally going to wait until it hit the market to post this, but it’s really amazing, and I know it’s coming out soon and I just couldn’t wait to share my experience!


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